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If this doesn't make you happy? Then what does?

Posted on 2011.03.25 at 00:49
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

Look that's Japanese Elvis and his very happy  "aerobics" friend...

The song is quite catchy actually!

Love- charade.... lalalala ;D


I just had to do it!

Posted on 2010.09.05 at 05:28
Current Music: Brain Hacker - Coin
I just realised how long it's been since I posted something on here... and now I just couldn't stop myself....
I just HAD to post this...

- Ever noticed the similarity between Közi and Seth (Moi Dix Mois) or Seiji or Z, ghee that guy got a list of names... not that they really look  exactly like one another, but you can't look away from the similarties!?!

WARNING! Eyecandy!

mako bw

Shoes for sale!

Posted on 2009.09.24 at 06:23
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: 9goats black out - nocturne "remix"
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When you are short on money, what do you do?
Robbing a bank or turn into a criminal ,seem somewhat temptating...
But I'll try to stick to the clear lines...

okey, so what's for sale... ?

It's a super adorable pair of shoes, in black and white!   Mary janes style!

Absolutely lovely...

And it breaks my so called heart to sell these,
( but they are too small and I don't think my feet will shrink within the nearest future. )
So my only choice is to find them a new home...
anyone willing to adopt them? :D *bliink blooonk*

They are marked as a size 9 (eu 40) but they probably fit a European size 38 or 39 better... or a us 8- 8,5...
All new in box, from "Demonia", the model is called Crux-05

They are never used, so all clean, fresh and perfect! In tip top condition!

They would look fabulous to any gothic lolita, rockabilly, vintage or rock 'n' roll outfit!

I was thinking about $35-40 + shipping...
Feel free to come with price suggestions/bids!
I can ship worldwide...
(from Sweden)
Payment via Paypal

! I have tons of clothes and stuff for sale, most of them still with the tags left! So all new!

Jackets in gorgeous houndstooth and plaid and probably some visual kei /J-rock goodies as well...

Just drop me a line if interested!

jasmine you

This entry will be in the shades of purple

Posted on 2009.08.11 at 04:54
I guess a lot of you have heard about it already.
The sad loss of Jasmine You, the bassist of Versailles.
Even though I don't claim myself as a fan of this band....
to be honest I haven't really put much effort to know more about them.
Maybe seen a music video, heard a song somewhere and seen a picture here and there...but that's all.
But I do recognize a pretty face when I see one...and I clearly remember Jasmine You from this band called Jakura!
They did some really nice songs back in the days, if I recall it correctly.

Every loss to the J-rock scene is a big, one...and I'm sure many of you out there, as well as his family, closest friends and the alike will remember him as the creative and wonderful person and musician he was. So therefore this entry will be in the shades of purple...
That's the least I can do...to honour him

Jasmine You ... may you rest in peace



Have I become Makonized?

Posted on 2009.07.13 at 03:36
Current Music: David Bowie - Be my wife

12 hours sleep per day, the latest 2 days.
With some easy maths, that's 24 hours of sleep! In 2 days!

Gheee I must have been busy in dreamland!

And at the same time I think I've gone a bit mad...
Oh my, I don't trust my own eyes anymore... (not anyone elses eyes for that matters, either)

It's like suddenly people, transforms into someone else.
Take a look!

Mako getting a sudden fascination for red? - NO!
Mako has been getting a neat little hair cut, a bob! - NOO!
Is that even him? - NOOOOOOOO!

[It's someone (the singer, right?)  from a band called "アヲイ" or "Awoi"]

That picture was a tricky one!

Number two is not that tricky, but it was, the first time I saw it, some weeks/months ago. (can't even remember) By the way it was a tiny, tiny sized picture.
I was like OH my GOOOOOD , it's a picture of Mako which I've never seen before!
*save*   *save*   *save*

Guess I was fooled... because that's not him.
It's the "Gullet" Ryo in a new package!
And it was all such an "WOW, really?" experience...

Have I been Makonized? Apparently!

But then...  What's the cure? o__O



Special delivery from Japan! *HAPPY*

Posted on 2009.06.27 at 04:08
Current Mood: peacefulpeaceful
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It's all MINE! Just MINE!

What the hell am I talking about? o__O

This of course! ---->


Recieved it yesterday, the first thing I saw after woken up...a package from Japan, and we know what that means!
Guess that did put a smile on my face all day !

Bright Garden Tour booklet with 9GOATS BLACK OUT !

(ooohhh beautiful pictures, I do wonder if it's possible to hire Ryo during the summervacation?
He would look smashing in my room! I'm serious!)


Deadman Fuzz dvd ! With various live-clips from 2005 and 2006! Approximately 3 hours of non-stop Deadman!
(I watched all at once, phuuu...like that wasn't enough...I seriously wish to kidnap Mako!
And bring him back to the limelight, where he belongs. Anyone willing to help?)




I want to BUY!!!!!!

Posted on 2009.06.13 at 19:22
Okey I decided to finally write something... it's called a blog, right?
So writing, here it comes... first entry... and the subject is:

  • Anything DEADMAN related, especially photo-sets, posters,booklets/pamphlets, Deadman_10.doc especially
  • GULLET, GALRUDA - clippings, demos whatever
  • 9GOATS BLACK OUT - booklets/pamphlets, photo-sets
  • Anything KEIN
  • Also Sugar, The Studs and Közi
Ah I love my Nagoya kei bands (haha)
! So if any of you have something to sell (which you obviously don't, but anyway, a wish is not to much to ask for)

Please let me know?!?

Wish to sell!

And in case someone is interested... I have a couple of pages/clipping from various older magazines with Gackt. I have no use for them. So instead of just letting them lay in the shadows of darkness or be thrown away. I will offer them for anyone interested!
Just message me...